New York Women's Culinary Alliance

Member Showcase

The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance is a participatory organization comprised of talented individuals from all areas of the culinary industry. Below are some features written by or about members.

Member Showcase: Rhadia Hursey

Meet our New President: Rhadia Hursey! After serving on the Board and understanding the workings of the Alliance, she stepped up to run it now. Welcome Rhadia!

Member Showcase: Garima Kothari

Tapping desires for experiential dining and unique menus is something NYWCA member Garima Kothari focuses on both while at NYU and as she consults on designs for pastry menus, wine-pairing with desserts and confectionary; conducts vegetarian, vegan & paleo-friendly culinary workshops.

Member Showcase: Shin Kim

Member, Shin Kim, shares her culture and cuisine from her homeland, South Korea.

Member Showcase: Jackie Topol

Member Jackie Topol has made a living at making food seem so appealing that you just had to have it.

Member Showcase: Catherine Oddendino

Luca & Bosco's owner shares her passion for ice cream.

Member Showcase: Carolyn Zezima

Meet the president of NYC Foodscape

Member Showcase: Barbara Sibley

Meet the chef/owner of the East Village La Palapa, and NYWCA president

Member Showcase: Irene Yager

Volunteering has been a part of Irene Yager's life for as long as she can remember.

Member Showcase: Shari Bayer

Bayer, founder of a PR agency, was bit by the culinary bug early.

Member Showcase: Liz Young

Liz Young doesn't get a lot of sleep. Not surprising for somebody who grew up in the controlled chaos of a household filled with 13 children.

Member Showcase: Judy Paul

NYWCA Board member, hotelier, neighborhood leader—whatever title you want to bestow upon Judy Paul—it's clear that she is a very active New Yorker.

Member Showcase: Liz Morrill

Elizabeth Morrill, a new member to the New York Women's Culinary Alliance, wasn't planning on become president of Fizzy Lizzy, LLC

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