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Wine and Spirit Reviews

The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance shares some entertaining and informative thoughts about wine.

Lail Vineyards

In this month's wine column we explore a vintner who could be in our organization if she didn't live out in Napa: Robin Lail of Lail Vineyards.

New Year, New Bubbly

New year, new you, new resolutions. Admittedly, they can be hard to keep. But one resolution for 2016 should be easy to keep: celebrating you!

Ragtime Rye

It's time to start in on the annual tradition of planning out the holiday meal. What about beverages? The Pilgrims had rye and so should you.

Wines for Summer Barbecues

Three wines to match whatever you're serving this summer, from burgers and ribs, to fish on the grill, to quinoa salad and peach pie.

Rosé for the New Year

However you spend January, it can only be enhanced with a glass of rosy bubbly in hand.

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

Jen's perfect wine picks for Turkey Day from Gotham Wines

Dorothy Parker American Gin

A herbaceous gin, worthy of martini a la Dorothy Parker.

Festive December Wine Picks

Celebrate the season with some choice wine picks!

Say Yes to Prohibition!

Locally sourced Bootlegger 21 vodka, from Roscoe NY!

Pack A Punch At Your Next Party

When the summer months kick into gear and beach/poolside/roof deck entertaining is on your mind, nothing quenches the thirst of a discerning crowd better than a Pisco punch.

Spring Holiday Wine Recommendations

A visit from either Elijah or the Easter Bunny is reason to break out some great red wine for springtime holiday meals.

Refreshing Brunch Accompaniment: La Marca Prosecco

Gotham Wines’ Costas Mouzouras suggests La Marca prosecco, an apple forward sparkler that balances out orange juice’s acidity for a mellow, festive start to brunch.

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