New York Women's Culinary Alliance

Community Outreach


Elena Tedeschi, chair

The mission of the NYWCA Community Outreach Committee is to share our knowledge and passions for the culinary world within the local community.  We are especially focused on developing and implementing programs that empower and educate women and children about the vast opportunities in the culinary world. We also aim to establish partnerships with like-minded organizations. 

Project: Cooking Classes with Kids, Multi-Ethnic Series

During the month of June 2017, the committee did a weekly series of cooking with kids at secondary and high school in their cafeteria. The kids were introduced to various cuisines:  Syrian, Cuban, Greek. Our members lead the classes, and helped the students with learning cooking techniques, as well as trying new dishes. 

The goal was to expose the students to new flavors and culinary techniques, while Alliance members got the chance to share their culinary passion with the community.

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