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Say Yes to Prohibition!

By Francine Cohen / 22-Aug-2013

Gotham Wines & Spirits Made in America sale may have ended on August 18th for the rest of New York, but NYWCA members continue to get their 15% discount on everything produced domestically (and abroad) that Gotham carries. All year-round.

So why not support the all-American efforts of this country’s burgeoning craft distillers and kick it up a notch by going local? That’s easy when you can head to the left wall of  Gotham Wine & Liquors and pull a few bottles of the award winning made in (Roscoe) NY Bootlegger 21  vodka off the shelf.

Produced by Brian Facquet and John FK Walsh, co-founders of Prohibition Distillery, Bootlegger 21 is distilled from 100 percent corn, and then slow filtered to produce a smooth, sipping vodka.

Facquet explains how their entrepreneurial dreams became reality and this smooth sipping and easily mixable vodka became available both in their distillery tasting room and at a store, bar or restaurant near you, “Our gluten-free, 100 percent American corn grain has a unique genesis. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of bootleggers who kept this country wet in the face of Prohibition we said, ‘To heck with the financial woes,’ and quit our jobs to follow our dream. A dream to make a locally crafted spirit that respects a sense of tenacity found in the American entrepreneur. Although we started out to simply build a company we could be proud of, we ended up discovering a way of living. Our first product is called Bootlegger 21, named for the 21st Amendment that repealed the ban on booze in 1933. It is an elegantly crafted vodka, which calls the Empire State its home. Fitting as New York was one state where Prohibition was most powerfully felt and vehemently disputed.”

Whether you pick up a bottle in town or head up the highway to the charming town of Roscoe to take a distillery tour and spend some time in the tasting room with Briand and John, you can’t dispute that nothing tastes better than supporting local producers.

Bootlegger 21 at Gotham,  $28.99 before discount 

Remember:  NYWCA members continue to get their 15 percent discount on everything produced domestically (and abroad) that Gotham carries. All year-round!

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